School Colors – Purple and White


School Mascot – Bulldog (the ladies basketball mascot was a Scottie)


The ladies basketball team wanted a mascot different from the boys team. Someone had given Georgia Stenton a stuffed toy Scottie dog. Georgia and Mary Elona Hill started referring to the ladies team as the Scotties, and the name stuck. The stuffed dog’s name was Rudolph, and Rudolph sat on the ladies bench at basketball games. Bob Burg suggested to the girls that Rudolpholus sounded better than Rudolph, and Rudolph became Rudolpholus.


School Song – “The Purple and White” written by Mildred Hill (tune is “Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean”)


Fairest Clifton to thee now and ever, our voices in praises shall ring

And the love in our hearts last forever, to thy name and thy fame let us sing.

For our coaches and teams we are cheering, for our captains so stanch and true,

For Honor and Clifton forever—Nine rahs for the Purple and White.




Nine rahs for the Purple and White, nine rahs for the Purple and White

For Honor and Clifton forever – nine rahs for the Purple and White




May our heroes in victory triumphant, the Purple and White banner wave high

If they meet defeat, we’ll stand by them, for honor and Clifton our cry.

From our hearts and lips swell the chorus, our sons over loyal and true

While the standard of honor floats o’er us, we will win for the Purple and White




The following lines were added in 1949 by Mrs. Waldo Malone (tune is the hymn “All People That on Earth do Dwell”:


Oh Clifton High to thee we sing

Oh Clifton High our praises we bring

We cherish friendships we made while here

We love and honor our high school so dear.