Carter choke thermostats





From left to right:

Mid 1930’s thermostat with decal

Mid 1950’s “pointer” thermostat for dual quad Cadillac

Mid 1960’s “push tube” thermostat for dual quad Chrysler hemi

Generic aftermarket unit (no writing) for center tube type chokes

Generic aftermarket unit (no writing) for housing tube type chokes


We have hundreds of new old stock (NOS) Carter choke thermostats (more than 100 different). The new old stock units are required on “numbers matching” restorations, where the writing on the cover is checked by the judging authority.


We also have generic reproductions (no writing) for many of the different chokes for those building “drivers”. These work as well as the original but would lose points at judged events.


While we have an excellent stock on some part numbers (NOS), others we may only have one or two.


We must know the carburetor tag number in order to determine the original choke number (unless you know the original Carter part number for the choke).


We also have a handfull of the divorced or remote type chokes.


Choke thermostats are sold as is – no return.


Call 573-392-7378 (8-4 Mon-Wed central time) for availability and price.