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(or we may purchase)



Carburetor items:


We will accept carburetor specification books, service books, etc. on carburetors for which no repair kit is listed in the repair kit section of this website.


We will accept US carburetors older than 1974 (for patterns) for which no repair kit is listed in the repair kit section of this website. No other carburetors or carburetors newer than 1974 wanted.




We will consider U.S. silver dollars produced before 1936; U.S. gold coins produced before 1935; U.S. commemorative gold and silver coins 1982 and newer; U.S. gold and silver bullion 1986 and newer, SEALED U.S. mint or proof sets. We may also consider other older US coins. We have no interest in non-US coins.

If we can use the coins, we will allow in trade either current melt value or current numismatic book value by grade whichever is HIGHER. This is the book we use:



Melt value will be established by Kitco website values at close of business on the day of our business transaction. Remember, we will allow the higher (best for you) of melt or numismatic value. We are not buying coins, only will consider them in trade as partial/complete payment for our product.


Plastic and/or die-cast models


We will consider scale models of the Pontiac GTO that we do not currently have in our display. We may also buy these models.




We will consider collector stamps from the U.S.A., Canal Zone, Canada, Hawaii, Japan, or the Philippines. We may also buy these stamps.


Trading cards


We will consider unusual trading cards with an automobile, motorcycle, or motor racing theme. Please, no baseball, basketball, etc., etc., etc.


Please describe what you wish to trade or sell, (a digital picture in either .gif or .jpg format is useful), and what you feel the item is worth. Please do not send digital pictures in any other format, as we cannot read them. If you wish to participate in a trade, please either call to discuss what you have; or send us an email with the title “Possible trade”.