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All articles referenced here are original works of employees of The Carburetor Shop LLC of Missouri. These articles are intended for the free use of any whom desire the information. The information may be downloaded, copied, printed, etc. We would simply ask that the source of the information be included with the information.

Carter | CFM | General information | Rochester | Stromberg | Zenith


AFB tuning tips

Carter carburetor finishes

Carter 4-barrel carburetors

Carter universal BB-1 carburetors

W-1 carburetors used as original equipment and aftermarket on Chevrolet

Carter YF carburetors for Chevrolet

Carter YF carburetors for Chevrolet 235 in depth

Original Carter AFB carbs used on Pontiac GTO

Carter AFB carbs designed for use on Pontiac engines

Carter original service documents

Carter metering rod technology

Using aftermarket Carter AFB carbs on Pontiac engines

WCFB float differences

WCFB check ball retainer removal

WCFB flow ratings

AFB flow ratings


Carburetor sizes and CFM ratings

Street carburetor selection criteria

Heat stove fabrication (to use original auto choke carbs with aftermarket intake)

Octane ratings

General information

Carburetor virtual museum

Carburetor flange adapters

Addition of tripower to a V-8 engine

Automatic chokes


Idle mixture screws

Selection and synchronization of dual 1 barrel carbs on inline four or six cylinder engine

Selection and synchronization of triple 1 barrel carbs on an inline six cylinder engine

Updraft aftermarket carburetors

Use of ethanol in older vehicles

Fuel valve types

Shipping and packaging

1920ís and early 1930ís zinc carburetors

GM tripower air cleaners

Multiple carburetion - general

Four barrel mounting flanges

Buick 1937 and 1938 Marvel and Stromberg carburetors

Electric fuel pumps, regulators, and older cars

Adjustment of carburetor floats on early updraft carburetors


Quadrajet markings (identification)

Rochester carburetor finishes

Rochester multiple single barrel setups

Tripower tuning tips

Vented throttle body gaskets

4-CG float differences


Stromberg carburetor finishes

Stromberg updraft carburetors, a listing of series, sizes, and dates produced

Stromberg series SF and SFM updraft carburetors

Stromberg model code breakdown

Stromberg early carburetor float adjustments


Zenith carburetor finishes

Zenith code breakdown