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Aircraft library

Aircraft carburetor library consisting of original manuals for Claudel-Hobson, Chandler-Evans, Chandler Groves, Hobson, Holley, Marvel-Schebler and Stromberg aircraft carburetors. Lots of pictures and lots of text, and some of this stuff is literally the only copy in existance!!! Much of this information acquired by us from Stromberg. We once thought we would make parts for aircraft carburetors, but due to FAA regulations, we decided against making aircraft parts; and these manuals have been in storage for years. We will NOT make photocopies of any of this material; nor will we break up the library and sell any of these items separately. The entire aircraft carburetor library will be sold together. As many of these carburetors were used on military aircraft, many of these manuals were originally classified “Restricted”, but all have been declassified. Like ALL literature items we have for sale, this is a NON-RETURNABLE ITEM!

Inventory of the library.


Claudel Hobson Aircraft Carburettor Type A.V. 70.M. Maintenance Manual. This original manual measures 5 ½ x 7 ½ inches and contains 22 pages, and is dated 28 November 1941


71 page instruction manual from the Naval Air Technical Training Center covering Chandler-Evans model 1900 CPB-3 carburetor. Pages are 8 ½ x 11, and in an Accopress binder. Manual has instructions, specifications, adjustments, and exploded views.

Chandler-Evans “Hydro-metering Aircraft Carburetors Preliminary Instruction Manual” covering the CECO type CPB-2. Softbound 8 ½ x 11 17 pages.


One original manual, soft cover, 8 ½ x 11 inches of 36 pages including prints, excellent condition.This manual was printed in September 1937 and covers Chandler Groves models 1375 and 1685. There are chapters on general construction, diaphragm mechanism, power compensator, mixture control, accelerating pump, installation, operation, maintenance, trouble shooting, overhaul, and bench tests. This manual was originally classified “Restricted” but has since been declassified.


Hobson Aircraft Carburetters, original booklet, 5 ½  x 7 ½ x 16 pages. Not dated, but last mentioned “success” is 1939, so booklet is probably 1940. Carburetters pictured are: AV.40.D; AI.48.G; AVT.85.MC; and AV.70.M.

The Hobson Injection Carburetter Maintenance Manual, Volume One, Revised July 1952. 8 ½ x 11 by 87 numbered pages. Softbound. Manual covers the B.I./B.C.8-M, B.I./B.C.8-M/1, B.I./B.C.13-M, and B.I./B.C.14 types.


Aircraft Carburetor Manual Second Edition January 1939 is soft cover, 8 ½ x 11 inches by 39 pages covering Holley model CG-1375 and CG-1685 (Chandler Groves was either a division of Holley, or was purchased by Holley). This manual is basically a color update of the Chandler Groves manual described above. This manual also has an assembly print with part numbers.

Holley Aircraft Carburetors Instruction Manual Third Edition January 1941. This manual is softbound, 8 ½ x 11 inches by 72 pages plus several assembly prints in the back of the manual. This manual covers Holley aircraft carburetors 1375F and 1685F and is in excellent condition. The manual has chapters on: accelerating pump, metering cam, clearance charts, compensator jet, compensator needle, compensator spring, compensator unit, schematic diagrams, diaphragm unit, end blocks, fixtures, special tools, fuel valves, limit charts, mixture control, power mixture valve, stabilizer valve, vapor separator, and test stand. (2 copies of this manual).

Holley Aircraft Carburetors – The Whole Story in Pictures printed April 1953. This manual is 11 x 8 ½ (yes it is a horizontal rather than vertical manual) inches by 94 pages. Holley printed the frames from their training filmstrips (I have never seen any of the filmstrips). There are 9 frames printed per page. There are 11 filmstrips reproduced in this manual. Manual is in excellent condition. (2 copies of this manual).

A photocopy of Holley Aircraft Carburetors Instruction Manual for models 419 and 429 Second Edition printed November 1943. 8 ½ x 11 inches by 8 pages.

Holley Aircraft Carburetors, an instructional manual for use at the Naval Air Technical Training Center, 8 ½ x 11, 175 pages, in an Accopress binder. The manual covers Holley F, H, HA, and HAR  models.

Holley Test Stand, an instructional manual for use at the Naval Air Technical Training Center, 8 ½ x 11, 153 pages, in an Accopress binder. The manual is a tutorial on using the Holley test stand, but also has standard settings for many Holley aircraft carburetors.

Holley Aircraft Carburetors Tool Catalog, dated 15 November 1943, 11 x 8 (horizontal format) 20 illustrated pages showing the various special tools used in the rebuilding of Holley aircraft carburetors.

Handbook of Overhaul Instructions Carburetors Holley, dated 1 August 1943, revised 20 June 1944, 8 ½ x 11, 278 pages in an Accopress binder. Specific overhaul instructions for Holley model 700F, 700H, 1375F, 1375H, 1375HA, 1685F, 1685H, and 1685HA pressure carburetors.


Three ring binder contains photocopies of the Marvel-Schebler Operation and Maintenance Manual for the MA-2 carburetor and T.O 6RI-2-2-13 manual which covers the MA-3A, MA-3PA, MA-3PAA, MA-3SPA, and MA-3SPAA)  (we bought this photocopy from Marvel Schebler, they were no longer printing originals). It also contains a number of original Marvel Schebler sheets such as the A10-2098 used by Franklin (Aircooled Motors), original sheets on the model MA-4SPA, MA-3SPA, and a “Work Specification For Carburetor” manual prepared by the U.S. Army Transportation Material Command which covers the models MA-4 and MA-5.


The Stromberg portion of this library was acquired from the engineering files of the Stromberg Carburetor Division of Bendix Aircraft, when Stromberg shut down operations. One would assume that these manuals would have the most current updates.

Manual of Stromberg Aircraft Carburetors  undated, but approximately 1919. This original booklet is 5 x 7 ½ inches by 24 pages, and in very good condition. This booklet covers the earliest Stromberg aircraft carburetors.

Manual of Stromberg Aircraft Carburetors Edition II copyrighted 1924. This original booklet is 5 x 7 ½ inches by 44 pages, and is in very good condition. This booklet covers the “S” series (12 models), the “D” series, the “U” series, the “L” series, the “U” series (6 models), and the “Y” series (4 models). A typical model of the S series is NA-S6B.

Manual of Stromberg Aircraft Carburetors Edition III copyrighted 1929. This original booklet is 5 x 7 ½ inches by 56 pages and is in good condition. This manual contains updates to the 5 series covered in Edition II, plus it also covers the “T” (triple) series carburetor.

Stromberg Aircraft Carburetors (hardcover). This original manual is 5 ¼ x 8 ½ inches by ½ inch thick (as most of this book is prints, the pages are not numbered), and in excellent condition. The title page reads “This catalog has been compiled for the purpose of supplying engineering data pertaining to aircraft carburetor installations to the Factory Branches of the Stromberg Motor Devices Company and aircraft engine manufacturers”. IN OTHER WORDS, THIS MANUAL WAS NEVER AVAILABLE FOR SALE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC! While no date is given, the title page states that this book is to be used as a companion to the Manual of Stromberg Aircraft Carburetors Edition III (which is copyrighted 1929).

Manual of Stromberg Aircraft Carburetors Edition IV copyrighted 1932. This original booklet is 5 x 7 ½ inches by 59 pages and is in good condition (except the center page is loose from the staples). This booklet covers Stromberg series S, R, D, U, Y, T, and F model carburetors.

A two inch 3 ring 8 ½ x 11 inch binder with the hand letter title “South Bend Instructional Charts”. This binder is completely full of either blue prints or other offset print charts, and is listed as for “En distribution only). An example of one of the charts is chart number 1034, WHICH IS A 21 PAGE APPLICATION LISTING OF CARBURETOR MODEL, ASSEMBLY NUMBER AND CUSTOMER!!! Ever wonder what one of these old Stromberg carbs fit originally? This document answers that question. This particular chart is dated 8-27-36. The newest chart is E1-1161 dated 1-26-44. THIS IS PROBABLY THE ONLY COPY OF THIS BOOK IN EXISTANCE!

Accopress binder from the Naval Air Technical Training Center containing Naval Training manuals for Stromberg Aircraft Carburetors, the Stromberg Flow Bench, and Aircraft Water Injection. Binder is approximately 1 inch thick. Manuals are not dated, but some of the charts are dated 1945.

Bendix “Model PD-12K14 Injection Carburetor Technical Manual Overhaul” original print April 1958 with supplements and updates through 1962 in a 1 ½ inch Bendix binder.

Bendix “Float Carburetor Model NA-R7A Overhaul Instructions, Parts List” printed October 1958 contained in a 1 inch Bendix binder.

Bendix “Model PD-12K18 Injection Carburetor Technical Manual Overhaul Instructions” original print February 1966, with updates through 1971 in a 1 ½ inch Bendix binder.

1 inch three ring binder, 8 ½ x 11 inches, containing service information letters; a photocopy of instructions for the NAS3A1 carburetor used on Continental engines; a Bendix reprint of the manual for the model NA-S3Ai float carburetor dated 1971; the same original manual dated 1965; a technical supplement to the manual dated 1 May 1971 and a second technical supplement 15 May 1971.

Bendix “Model NA-Y9E1 Float Carburetor Technical Manual Supplement” printed May 1971 contained in a 1 inch Bendix binder.

Bendix “PS Injection Carburetors RS/RSA Injection Systems Technical Manual” 5 volume set. Five 2 ½ inch binders of loose leaf 8 ½ x 11 pages. Set was printed in 1976.


United States Navy Fleet Air Wing Two Headquarters Squadron “Aircraft Carburetors” softbound 8 ½ x 11, 135 page maintenance and service of Chandler Evans, Holley, and Stromberg aircraft carburetors. Book is not dated, but references dated 1943 are cited.


Price for the entire aircraft carburetor library described above $5000.