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Aircraft Carburetors – We do not and will not supply parts or ANY services for aircraft carburetors. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is true regardless of how the aircraft carburetor is currently being used.


Carburetor Identification – We regret we can no longer identify carburetors 'gratis'. This was a service that was badly abused. If you have carburetors you wish identified/appraised, please call for instructions/pricing.


Catalogs – We can print a catalog of repair kits, which due to the large kit availability that we make, is several thousand pages. This is available only to new distributors WITH their initial distributorship order. Companies wishing to become distributors please call, and ask for Jon. We do not publish a comprehensive catalog. As we can machine several hundred thousand individual carburetor parts, the cost would be enormous. Much of the kit catalog is published on this website. You are welcome to download and print.


Communications – The telephone is our preferred method of communication, and is answered by a technician with more than 50 years experience on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Telephone hours are 9-12, and 1-4.  If you receive the answering machine within our normal telephone hours, I am on the other line. Regardless of what this modern telephone may tell you, we do NOT take messages. PLEASE call back. Emails are answered from an off-site computer where we have the repair kit database, and the carburetor database. We try to answer emails once a week, time permitting. All questions other than repair kit availability and price, and carburetor availability should be asked via telephone. We have no telefax, and no cell phones. Therefore we do not receive text messages.


LP-Carburetors – We do not now and never will supply parts or services for LP carburetors. EXCEPTION: we do have some factory rebuilding kits from Zenith. Once those are depleted we will not offer parts for LP carburetors.


OPEN SHOP - Effective 1 January 2018, changes in local government regulations classify us as mail order ONLY. We regret we can no longer accept walk-in customers, and can no longer give shop tours. This change does NOT reduce the number of items we have for sale, or the price. Complying with the insurance regulations to allow walk-in business would require us to raise our prices by at least 10 percent.


Parts. – Our minimum sale is always a carburetor rebuilding kit. Parts contained in the rebuilding kit will not be sold separately. Parts not contained in a rebuilding kit will be sold only with the purchase of a rebuilding kit.


Payment – We accept MasterCard/VISA. We also accept personal or business checks (will delay shipping of your order), and money orders. Checks, if used, must be drawn on a bank doing business in the USA, and payable in US dollars. Money orders, if used, must be either US postal money orders, or bank money orders drawn on a bank doing business in the USA. We will NOT accept “third-party” checks or money orders, nor will we accept any of the internet forms of payment (bidpay, paypal, etc.).


Pictures – We are happy to take digital pictures of any item that we have for sale. There is a prepaid $50.00 per picture charge that will be refunded upon the purchase of the item in question, IF the purchased item is $500.00 or more. There are no refunds on lesser items.  The requests for free pictures were widely abused. Those wishing pictures, please call to let us know quantity and poses required.


Rebuilding/Restoration – We no longer restore carburetors, as the manufacture of carburetor rebuilding kits requires our time.


Shipping – All shipping is done via  USPS and occasionally UPS. Orders requiring other shipping will be regretfully refused. Small, lighter items will normally be shipped priority mail. Heavier items will be shipped via UPS (exception, books will normally be mailed "media").


SMOG EMISSIONS – The Federal Clean Air Act of 1966 provides in part that 'no licensed shop shall disable nor provide information to disable smog emission equipment on vehicles subject to this ACT'. This applies to ALL licensed vehicles produced for the 1968 or newer model year and sold in the United States. Competition and/or off-road (not-licensed) vehicles are not subject to this ACT (at least through 1974, which is our cut-off date). We can make modifications or advise modifications to vehicles of years 1968 through 1974 only if you have previously provided a notarized letter to us stating that the vehicle in question is not subject to the Federal Clean Air Act, and specify both the V.I.N. and the reason for exception. There will be no exceptions to this policy other than an official letter from the Environment Protection Agency authorizing us to make changes.


Tags – selling of carburetor tags for 1968 and newer vehicles is unlawful (see above paragraph on smog emissions). The selling of tags for pre-1968 carburetors may (or may not) be lawful, but is asking for trouble. We will NOT sell carburetor tags. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!


Tax – all sales within the state of Missouri are subject to current Missouri sales tax, unless the purchaser provides us with written proof that the purchaser is exempt from paying state sales tax.