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PLEASE READ!!! The majority of our industrial listings are derived from the sales data of the carburetor manufacturers. As such, this listing may be incomplete, or contain errors. In any event, if a repair kit is listed, it WILL fit the listed carburetor. We welcome documented additions or corrections to this listing.

We make our own carburetor rebuilding kits. All components of all kits are made in the U.S.A. We currently have listings for 82,000 carburetors, and offer more than 3,000 different rebuilding kits. We continually are updating the listings, and researching additional kits. We offer kits for the following categories: passenger, truck, tractor, industial, marine, military, agricultural, and some import and small engine. We will not produce kits for either aircraft or LPG carburetors. Excluding small engine our kit coverage for U.S.A. produced carburetors is:

1974-1925 99.9 percent

1925-1912 80 percent

1911-1902 approximately 20 percent

Carburetor kits do not all contain the same components. As an example, OUR kit for 1965 Pontiac GTO with Carter 4 barrel AFB contains the following: gasket set including flange gasket, fuel valves (needles and seats), complete accelerator pump, pump return spring, pump inlet check valve, pump discharge check valve, idle mixture screws, primary metering jets, step-up pistons, step-up piston springs, and pin springs. If you wish to know what you are buying, please ask when you telephone us. We will be happy to look up the bill-of-material for your kit while you are on the telephone. Sorry, this courtesy cannot be extended to e-mail or fax.

If you have a requirement for an industrial carburetor other than these, please ask.

A.C.F. Brill, A.M.C., Acadia, Acadia Gas, Acme, Acme Road, Adams, Advance-Rumely, Aircooled Motor, Alamo, Allied Machinery, Allis Chalmers, American Carburetor & Foundry, American Tractor, American Farm, American Farm Machinery, American Foundry, American Hoist, American Turbo, Ames, Amtorg, Armstrong, Arthurdale, Austin, Austin Machine, Austin-Western, Auto Engine, Automatic Machine, Automatic Trans, Automotive, Avery.

Bacon, E.R., Bailey, Bains Manufacturing, Baker, Baker Lull, Baker Raulang, Baldwin, Barber Greene, Bardco, Barnes, Bay City, Bean Manufacturing, Beaver, Beeman, Bell Aircraft, Bendix International, Blaw Knox, Body Power, Bolens, Bosco, Bowen Motors, Brennan Motor, Bridgeport, Briggs & Stratt, Brill, Brown, Brown Equipment, Brown-Bevis, Browning Crane, Buckeye, Bucyrus, Bucyrus & Erie, Buda, Buffalo, Buffalo Gas, Buffalo Spring, Burmeister/Wain, Butler Bin, Byers Machine Company, Byers Machine.

C.H.& E., Cadillac, Cardwell, Case, Caterpillar, Chain Belt, Champ, Champion, Charter Gas, Checker, Chicago Pheumat, Chicago Pneumat, Chrysler, Clark, Clark Brothers, Clarke, D.R. , Clay Engines, Cleveland, Climax, Climax Engines, Clinton, Clyde, Clyde Iron, Cockshutt, Construction Machine, Continental, Cook, Co-Op, Corbitt, Crane Carrier, Crosley, Crown, Cullen, Cullen-Friested, Cullen-Triested, Cummings Machine, Cummins, Cunningham, Cushman, Custombilt, Cutting, R.M. .

D.W. Onan, Daggett Engineering, Dallas Machine Company, Dart, Davey, Davey Compressor, Deco Grand, Delco, Divco, Dixon, Dodge, Doman & Marks, Doyle, Dragline, Duplex.

Earnshaw, Eaton, Yale & Town, Eclipse-Aviation, Edwards, Edwards Railway, Electric Wheel, Elgin, Elwell Parker, Enterprise, Erd, Erie, Erie Malleable Iron, Ernat, A.C. , Esco Motor, Euclid, Evinrude.

F.W.D., Fairbanks, Fairbanks-Morse, Fairmont, Farmall, Fate Root-Heath, Fay & Bowen, Federal, Firebaugh, Fitzgibbons, Fitzjohn, Flextemp, Food Machinery Company, Foote, Ford, Ford (Canada), Frazier-Wright, Freeman, Freemont, Fuller, Fuller & Johnson.

G. Walter, G.M.C., Galion Iron, Gardener, Gardener Denver, Gary Steel, Gehl Bros. , General Excavator, Generac, General Electric, General Ice Cream, General Manufacturing, George E. Smithbu, Geo Haiss, Gerlinger, Gladden, Goodall, Gordon-Smith, Gorman Rupp, Gradner-D. , Graham, Gramm, Grass Premier, Gravely, Gray, Greenville, Grover Sales, Gulf Production Company.

Hall Scott, Hanley Engineering, Hansen, Hanson, Harnischfeger, Harnishscfeger, Harris, Harvester, Hayes, Heaps Engineering, Hendrickson, Hercules, Herschell Spill, Hertner, Hinkley Motor, Hobart, Hobart Brothers, Hoffco, Hol-Gar, Hollings Worth, Holtkamp, Homelite, Hornet, Hough, Huber, Huber-Warco, Hug, Hutchinson, Hyster.

I.H.C., Ideal, Imperial, Indiana Limestone, Industrial Engineering, Ingersall-Rand, Ingersoll-Rand, Inland-Empire, Insley, Intercontinental, International, International F.

J & S Carburator, J.C. Bailey, Jackson, Jacobs, Jacobsen, Jaeger, Jaques, Jarett, J.C. , Jay Madsen, Jeager, John Deere, Johnson, Joy.

Kaiser, Kalamazoo, Kelly Springfield, Kessler Engine, Keystone, Kiekhaefer, Kinney, Koehring, Kohler, Kurz-Root.

Lamson Mobilift, Lauson, Lawson, Lawton, Le Roi, Leading Engine, LeRoi, Lima Locomotive, Lincoln, Lincoln Electric, Link Belt, Link Belt Speed, Linkbelt, Linn, Littleford, Lodi, Lombard, Lorimer Diesel, Ludinghaus-Espe, Lunnenburg, Lycoming.

Mack, Mall Tool, Marion, Marmon-Herrington, Massey-Ferguson, Massey-Harris, Mathews, Maxim, McCormick-Deering, McCulloch, McKeene, McKiernan-Terry, Mechanical Manufacturing, Menominee, Mercury, Metalwelding, Myers-Sherman, Michigan, Michigan Power, Milford, Miller Electric, Milwaukee Locomotive, Milwaukee Road, Minneapolis Ste, Minneapolis Thresher, Minneapolis-Mol, Moretrench, Motor, Motor Generator, Motoresearch, Municipal, Municipal Supply, Myers-Sherman.

National Brake, National Farm, Nelson, Nelson Brothers, New Idea, New Way, Nichols & Shepherd, Nordberg, Nothwest, Northwestern, Norville-Weilde, Novo.

O.K. Clutch, O.M.C., OK Clutch, Oliver, Onan, Orton, Osco, Osgood, Oshkosh, Oswald.

Paramount, Parker (Elwell) , Parsons, Patriot, Pedelty, Peerless Pump, Peru Wheel, Peter Pirsch, Peterbilt, Phelps, Pincor, Pioneer, Pioneer Engineering, Plymouth Locomotive, Portable Rig. , Porter Cable, Poulan, Power Machinery, Power Products, Precision Parts, Prime Mover, Propulsion Engineering.

R & R, R.G. Tourneau, R.B. Equipment Company, R.P.M., Racine Hydraulic, Rajo, Ransome, Ready Power, Reed-Prentice, Regal, Reiner, J. & Company, Reo, Riise, Robinson, Ronaldson, Ross Carrier, Ross-Carrier, Rototiller, Royer Insilage, Russell.

S.K.F., S.W.H. , Salsbury, Sanderson, Schield, Schramm, Seekely, Sensation, Service Caster, Shaw, H.C. , Sicard, Silent Hoist, Silver King, Simplex, Skagit Steel, Smith, A.O. , Smith, T.L. , Southern Engine, Speeder, Speeder Machine, Spillman Engineering, Stamford, Star, Star Drilling, State Highway Commission, Sterling, Stoewer, Stover, Sullivan, Superior Traile, Sutter Brothers, Sylvester, Szekely.

Tait Brothers, Taylor, Tennant Company, Terratrac, Thermo, Thew Shovel, Thompson Machinery, Titan, Titan Chain Saw, Titeflex, Toro, Townmotor, Transicold, Transitier, Turbo-Matic.

U.S. Motors, U.S. Thermo, Uebelhoer, United, United Parcel, Universal, Universal Crane, Universal Motor, Universal Power.

Van Doorne, Vaughan, Velie, Visioneering, Volvo, Vulcan.

Walter, Warner Aircraft, Waskesha, Waterloo Gas, Watson - Jack, Waukesha, Wayne, Weber Engine, West Bend, West Point Lawn, Western Harvest, Western-Austin, Westinghaus, Westinghouse, Whitcomb, George D, Wichita Falls, Willaimette,  Willys, Wilson, Wing, Winpower, Winton, Wisconsin, Witte, Wood Brothers, Woodmanse, Woolery Machinery, Worthington Pneumatic & Machine, Worthington, Wright, Wright Machinery.

Yale & Towne, Young.