Parts for Detroit Lubricator


We can fabricate (or have already fabricated) many of the intricate parts used by Detroit Lubricator on carburetors sold to Cadillac, Dodge, Essex, Ford, Graham, Hudson, Packard, etc. This includes throttle arms, throttle shafts, pumps, pump housings, vanes, aspirator valves, metering needles, etc. These parts are available with the purchase of a repair kit (minimum order)


We also have a good inventory of used castings and other parts for the Detroit Lubricators used on Dodge, Essex, Ford, and Hudson.


Detroit Lubricator carburetors DO have an identification number, but as the data plates are very interchangeable among models, and several data plates have been reproduced, the number is often meaningless.


PLEASE remove the carburetor for which you are requesting parts, and have it available when you call (573) 392-7378 (8-4:30 Mon-Thurs central time).