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Pontiac and Oakland stuff


As a longtime enthusiast of the Pontiac and Oakland automobiles, I have placed this page on our website as a service to other Pontiac and Oakland enthusiasts. Some of the links reference items we have for sale; others are simply informational links.


Carburetor rebuilding kits, Oakland (for sale)

Carburetor rebuilding kits, Pontiac 1926 – 1960 (for sale)

Carburetor rebuilding kits, Pontiac 1961 – 1967 (for sale)

Carburetor rebuilding kits, Pontiac 1968 – 1975 (for sale)

GTO models, plastic (information)


Pontiac multiple carburetion set-ups (information and sales)

Music – songs about Pontiacs (information)

Pontiac tripower specification (information)

Pontiac GTO Carter AFB specifications

Pontiac audio / video index


Pontiac carburetor identification. To identify ANY original equipment carburetor used by Pontiac from 1926 through the 1974 model year, follow the link to carburetor rebuilding kits, click the ‘Edit’ pulldown menu on your browser, click ‘Find on this page’, and enter the carburetor identification number.