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Stamps and Coins Department


At this time we are re-stocking the coins section so the only coins currently for sale are United States commemorative silver dollars.

We will buy or trade for:

US silver dollars (bust, seated, trade, Morgan, peace).

US commemorative coins of all denominations.

US gold coins

MAY consider COMPLETE collections of other older US coins (examples: Jefferson nickels, Lincoln pennies, Mercury dimes, etc.).


CANADA AND PROVINCES – mint and used selection of regular issues and air mail issues from the mid-1860’s to about 2000. Huge selection. Many souvenir sheets are available.

JAPAN – mint and used selection or regular issues from the early 1870’s (third issue) to about 1985. Huge selection. Many souvenir sheets are available.

PHILIPPINES – EXTENSIVE selection of mint and used from the first issue to about 2000 (some newer). Many souvenir sheets are available.

SILESIAS (Eastern, and Upper) – Excellent selection

UNITED STATES – mostly back of the book. Good selection of postage due, officials, first issue revenues, documentary, stock transfer, wine, etc. EXCELLENT selection of duck stamps, both federal and state. Terrific selection of unused postal cards newer than Scott UX-32. Please note these are POSTAL cards (those issued by the U.S. Post Office).

We use Scott’s catalog numbers.

Want lists are welcome in the above areas. When you submit your want list, PLEASE also specify your preferences as to mint never hinged, mint hinged, or used; and a ballpark of how much you wish to spend per order. Also, if you use catalogues other than Scott’s for numbering, PLEASE convert your want lists to Scott’s numbers. We do not have other catalogues, nor any way to convert.

Topical stamp collections, assortments, etc.

Automobile and motorcycle collection – More than 1300 stamps and several souvenir sheets from 78 different countries, organized by country, in 3 stockbooks, and 1 three-ring binder. There is some minor duplication, maybe 5 percent. Price for collection (stamps, sheets, stockbooks, and binder) $400. plus shipping via UPS.

U.S. Christmas Seal Collection – A set of U.S. Christmas seals from 1907 through 1999. Singles (unused) are displayed using Showgard mounts on Christmas seal pages supplied by Spruceland Stamp Co. in a three-ring binder from 1907 through 1970. Complete sheets are present from 1970 through 1999. The 1912 and 1913 singles, while included, need upgrading. $175.00 plus shipping via UPS.

JFK (John F. Kennedy) collection – White Ace gold stamped JFK album with White Ace world-wide pages including 99 stamps (most unused) and 10 covers with cachets. Nice beginning collecting with plenty of room for expansion. $50.00 plus shipping via UPS.

Nudes on stamps collection – approximately 1000 world-wide nudes on stamps, approximately one-half of which are mounted in an album on quadrille pages in a three-ring binder by country, the rest are included in a stock book. The bulk of the stamps are CTO. $300.00 plus shipping via UPS.

Postal Commemorative Society World of Stamps Series. These are 10 inch by 13 inch cards, each with a few topical worldwide mint stamps, and text explaining the given topic. These are suitable for framing, or an entry level beginning collection to pique the interest of a young collector. These are $8.00 each, or 3 for $20. plus shipping via UPS. We have the following topics: The Circus, Medical Milestones, Flags of Canada, Holidays Around the World, World Capitals, 50th Anniversary of UNESCO, Cathedrals of the World, World Landmarks, The Ten Commandments, The Twelve Days of Christmas, 150th Anniversary of the Penny Black, World Scouting, Man’s Companion (dogs), Tropical Fish, The Giant Panda, Lesotho Birds, Exotic Fish, Butterflies, Wild Animals, Dinosaurs, Friendly Felines, A World of Horses, Pheasants, African Safari, Winged Treasures (birds), Carousel Animals, Endangered Species, Eagles of the World, Audubon Birds, Wildlife Conservation, The Ocean World, Horses, World Wildlife, The Wonderful World of Norman Rockwell, Art Masterpieces, The Impressionists, The Art of Japan, Norman Rockwell Classics, Great American Artists, Treasures of Tutankhamun, Twentieth Century Artists, Bouquets of the World (flowers), Wildflowers, Roses, Down by the Sea (shells), The Grandeur of Nature, Sea Shells, Women of Achievement, Nobel Prize Winners, Charles De Gaulle, Princess Diana, 500th Anniversary of Columbus Explorations, 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Raphael, 25th Anniversary of Death of John F. Kennedy, Churchill, Shakespeare, Kings & Queens of England, Twelve Apostles, The Tales of King Arthur, Famous Explorers, M. J. Hummel, U.S. Presidents in Tribute to America’s Bicentennial, The Great Adventurers, The Genius of Michelangelo, Man in Space, International Soccer Championships, 1980 Winter Olympics, America’s Cup, The Olympic Games, Winter Sports, Early Transportation, Pioneers of Flight, Three Centuries of Atlantic Ships, Halley’s Comet, 20th Anniversary of American Moon Landing, Famous Golf Courses of the World, Famous Sailing Ships, Great Trains, Model Trains, Fighting Ships of the Revolution, 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II, Flags of the Overrun Countries of WWII, Army/Navy, World War II, The Civil War.

Those wishing to trade either stamps or coins for other items (carbs, kits, tools, literature, etc.) listed on this website:


We will consider trading for:

Coins – United States silver dollars, United States gold coins, and United States commemorative coins. We will allow either Whitman Blue Book by grade, or spot value at close of business on the day received – whichever is higher. 

Stamps – US and territories (Canal Zone, Hawaii, Philippines, Guam, etc.), Canada, and Japan.