Reunion and banquet


The Association annually sponsors a reunion and banquet for all those who have attended Clifton Hill School, their family, and guests.




The Clifton Hill School reunion was held 28 May 2017 at the Westran Middle School (formerly Clifton Hill School) with a catered lunch at noon by Don's Family Style Restaurant of Huntsville. There were 70 in attendance with 3 new attendees. The meeting was opened by President Carlene Rudkin. Wilfred Winn gave a devotional & prayer before the meal. Carl Sanders gave a Patriotic reading to celebrate Memorial Day including history on Arlington Cemetery and reminding us at remember those that have passed on  at 3:00 P.M. Memorial Day.


Donna Davidson, Recording Secretary, read the minutes of the previous meeting.


Kay Campbell, Treasurer/Secretary, gave the Treasurer's report. Kay also read letters from Margaret Fowler Perry and Doris Mason Metzger expressing regret at not being able to attend this year.


Donald Hughes of Kentucky was recognized as the person traveling the longest distance. Virginia Harris (class of 1950) was recognized as the oldest graduate. Don Glaser was recognized as the oldest attendee who had attended Clifton Hill School. Joyce Glaser was recognized as a former teacher, and Anita Penton was recognized as a former teacher's aide.


The largest class present (1957) had 7 attendees


Danita Eagan read the names of those who had passed on in 2016. Thirteen names were recorded: Tommy Whittaker, Mary Ann Johnson, Bill Morgan, Bob Richardson, Katie Preston, Floyd Reynolds, Stenton Patton, June Whittaker, Fleta (Erhardt) Pharr, Chuck Kendrick, Ruth Wilson, Gene Henderson, and Marjorie (Johnson) Lewis.


Carl Sanders, Danita Eagan, and Judy Webster (chairperson) of the nominating committee reported the 2018 officers: President (Dottie Wilson), 1st Vice-President Betty Mayo, Secretary/Treasurer Kay Campbell, and Recording Secretary Donna Davidson.


A nominating committee for 2018 will have to be called and appointed as no one volunteered at the meeting. The 2018 reunion will be held 27 May 2018 at the Westran Middle School (Clifton Hill School) in Clifton Hill




For additional information on the 2018 reunion, contact:


Kay Campbell, Secretary

504 North Main Street

Huntsville, Missouri 65259


A comment by the webmaster: two youngsters were in attendance that aided some of the attendees who are mobility-challenged with the food line. This was greatly appreciated by many of the attendees, and a special thank you to these youngsters!


Hope to see YOU next year.