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Older Automobile, Motorcycle and Motor Racing Cards

printed in Germany

(Cards generally printed prior to 1988)



(1931) Autobilder Serie I (Motor Cars Series I) (A5-1)(Automobile der bekanntesten Marken des In-und Auslandes)(Cars of the best known Marques from at home and abroad) 152 cards 75 mm by 49 mm




(1932) Autobilder Serie II (Motor Cars Series II) (A5-1)(Automobile der bekanntesten Marken des In-und Auslandes Nr 2)(Cars of the best known Marques from at home and abroad number 2) 152 cards 75 mm by 49 mm




(1930) Im Auto Mit Abdulla Durch Die Welt (Motoring Round the World With Abdulla) (A5-2) - 160 cards 75 mm by 50 mm




Austria Tabakwaren GMBH

(1952) Duetsche Kraftfahrzeug 148 cards

Card front


(1954) Duetsche Kraftfahrzeug - Folge II 262 cards.

Card front



(1928-1942)(G14-5) Das Auto von Heute (Motorcars of Today) album with 255 cards 62 mm by 52 mm.



Sieg Uber Raum Und Zeit (Victory over Space and Time) (1952) album with 250 cards measuring 74mm x 53mm. Most cards are black and white.





Paicos (cigarettes)

Automobile Aus Aller Welt (1952) hardback album with 266 black and white cards of varying sizes.

Card front



Penny Gmbh & Co

Spannender Grand Prix (Exciting Grand Prix) Hardcover album (book) printed in 1973 with spaces for 50 stickers concerning Grand Prix racing. Stickers measure 124mm x 84mm.





Waldorf-Astoria (Zuban cigarettes)

Vom Segelwagen zum Achtzylinder (1931) hardback album with 130 cards of varying sizes.





Werbegemeinfchaft Saarlauterner (cigarettes)

Deutscher Kraftfahrsport (1937) hardback album with 200 black and white cards measuring 90mm x 60mm.