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Older Automobile, Motorcycle and Motor Racing Cards

printed in Switzerland

(Cards generally printed prior to 1988)



Oldtimers hardback album (book) with space for 60 stickers basically the history of the automobile from early times. Stickers measure 120mm x 100mm.





Mondo Verlag

Das Auto. Ein Halbes Jahrhundert Geschichte (The Car. A History of Half a Century) - Hardcover album with spaces for 87 stickers of varying sizes (mostly very large) printed in 1968.






Nestle Products (Chocolate)


Die Strasse Lebt. Band 2 (The Street Lives, Volume 2) Handcover album published in 1964 with spaces for 126 stickers of varying sizes from Nestle, Peter, Cailler, and Kohler chocolates concerning automobiles and automotive subjects.






Nimbus A.G.

Motor in Actie (Motor in Action) album with spaces for 240 stickers concerning all phases of motorcycle racing. Stickers measure 75mm x 50mm.