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USA cards Want List - Jon Hardgrove


Cards listed below are wanted for personal collection. ANY condition will be considered. The word “all” means I have none in the set and would like to acquire all of the cards in the set. The word “none” means I have the complete set. Would consider the purchase of complete sets even if I have some in the set.


In addition to the listed cards, I will consider ALL cards from the following sets in any condition: Auto Drivers (Hassan, Mecca 1910), Automobiles (Turkey Red 1911), S-100 Automobile Pennants, Marhoefer Indy, Stark & Wetzel Indy, 1971 STP Racing Drivers, 1984~1986 Sportstar Photographics (both cards and stickers), 1926 Spalding Champions (auto and motorcycle only). I am documenting these sets, and looking for printing variations.



American Tobacco Company Hassan/Mecca Auto-Drivers (1911)

   Upgrade: XF or better – Hassan back factory 30 Marriott

   Upgrade: XF or better – Hassan back factory 649 Dingley, Mulford

   Upgrade: XF or better – Mecca back, factory 649 Demoget, Lancia


American Tobacco Company S-100 Automobile pennants:




   Autocar, Buick, Liberty-Brush, Overland, Packard, Peerless, Pierce-Arrow, Rambler


Bowman Firefighters 1950:

   Large backs - upgrades XF or better 7,12, 32, 33, 43, 52



Egyptienne Luxury College Silks S-25:

   Amity, De Pawl


Goudey License Plates

   1936 – Connecticutt, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,

    Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York,

    North Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, 


   1937 – Alabama, Delaware, Idaho, Michigan, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee,

   Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, Canal Zone


   1938 – New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wyoming, Ontario, Saskatchawan


   1939 – Alabama, California, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisania, Minnesota, Missouri,

    New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, West Virginia,

   Wisconsin, British Columbia


Hood Cho-Cho Ice Cream Sports Cars

   36 (Chrysler Sports)


Marhoefer cards want list


Review of Famous Racing Cars


1940-41 Bowes Seal Fast Special




A.J. Foyt (head in triangle on left, back specification single spaced)

A.J. Foyt (head in triangle, back specification double spaced)

Gene Hartley (head in triangle on right, specification single spaced)

Chuck Hulse (head in triangle on left, specification single spaced)

Johnny Rutherford (head in half over, Marhoefer bar on bottom front is black)


Oak/Premiere Sports Cars

   Ford Thunderbird, Jaguar XK-120



Spalding Champions (1926) any card will be considered

   Ralph Hepburn (motorcycle)

   Johnny Seymour (motorcycle)

   Orie Steele (motorcycle)



   1971 Racing drivers – both Fred Lorenzen cards



T-107 Seals


First print (not marked) Factory 30, 2nd District: Chile, Germany Northern States


First print (not marked) Factory 7, 3rd District:  NONE


Second Edition 1-50 Factory 30, 2nd District:  Chile, Germany, Massachusetts,  Oregon, Pennsylvania, Russia


Second Edition 51-100 Factory 30, 2nd District:  Alabama, Cuba, Republic del Ecuador, France (R.F.), Idaho, India, Maine, Montana, Muscogee Nation, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Saxony, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Venezuela, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wurtemberg


Second Edition 1-50 Factory 7, 3rd District: NONE


Second Edition 51-100 Factory 7, 3rd District: British Guiana, Egypt, New Mexico, Paraguay, Saxony, Wisconsin