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Older Automobile, Motorcycle and Motor Racing Cards

printed in Canada

(Cards generally printed prior to 1988)

The following card sets were printed/distributed in Canada. We would appreciate any additional documented information on the companies, how the cards were distributed, or other companies/sets printed in Canada.

A & W

Car Stickers – A series of 19 stickers measuring  70mm x 45 mm with both English and French text on the back. Year unknown, but guessing 1970’s or 1980’s.

B.A.T. (British American Tobacco)

(1923) Automobielen – 22 cards

(1929) Hints and Tips for Motorists – 25 cards

(1926) Motor Cars (colored) – 48 cards

(1929) Motor Cars (sepia) – 36 cards

(1927) Motorcycles – 50 cards

British American Oil (B/A)

(1967) Gallery of Great Cars – 24 unnumbered cards measuring 80mm x 80mm with French and English text on the back. This same set was released in the USA with text in English only (see USA listings).




 (1972) Drag Nationals - 70 numbered cards. This set also printed in USA. Canadian print cards have tan backs, whereas USA print cards have white backs.

 (1971) Official Drag Champs – 63 numbered cards. This set also printed in the USA. Canadian print cards have tan backs, are numbered, and were cut much better. The USA set has white backs, is un-numbered, and centering and card size can best be described as unpredictable!


(1991) Corvette stickers – a series of at least 38 double sided stickers featuring the various Corvettes from 1953 through 1991. Stickers measure 35mm x 35mm and have rounded corners.

Imperial Tobacco

(1921) Motor Cards (I/6-29)  - 56 cards measuring 67 mm by 36 mm.




Jell-O (Canada)

(Year unknown) 200 plastic coins with car pictures.

(1969) Famous Cars set of 60 cut from Jell-O boxes.


(1947) All-Wheat ,General Interest, third set, subset titled Historical Autos – 15 cards measuring 63mm x 44mm.


(1947) Pep Trading Cards, subset C, Historical Autos (blank backs) – 15 card set cut from the backs of Pep Cereal boxes. Same subjects (but some different card numbers) as Kelloggs All-Wheat Historical Autos. Cards are larger than the All-Wheat cards.

Maple Leaf Gum

(1960) Motor Cars & Motorcycle Badges – 90 cards

Neilson’s Chocolates (Canada)

(1924) Automobiles (color) – 40 numbered cards measuring 64mm x 35mm. Backs of cards with color fronts are white.


(1924) Automobiles (black and white) – 40 numbered cards measuring 63mm x 34mm. Backs of cards with black/white fronts are gray.


Parkhurst (Canada)

(1960) – Indianapolis Speedway Winners. 60 numbered cards.. These are often erroneously referred to as “Hawes Wax” as there is an advertisement on the back of one of the cards for Hawes Wax. Cards have square corners and measure 91 mm wide by 62 mm high.


(1959) (V339-16) Old Time Cars - 64 numbered cards measuring 92 mm wide by 63 mm high with square corners. Backs have both English and French text. Inventory for sale – a few dozen singles.


(1956) Sports Cars - 42 numbered cards measuring 92 mm wide by 62 mm high having square corners. Backs have both English and French text. Inventory for sale – a few dozen singles.



(1955) Sports Cars 42 cards measure 88 mm wide by 58 mm high and have square corners.


(1954) Sport Oddities. There is one auto racing card in the set, that of Ab Jenkins.


Salada Tea

(1970) Antique Cars - 40 unnumbered decals or stickers that came individually packed in a cellophane pack and were identical to a set issued by Shell Oil of Australia. I know which was first – Salada or Shell Oil. The decals  have square corners, and measure 50 mm wide by 44 mm high.

World Wide Gum

(1939) License Plates - Other sources state that there are 30 known unnumbered cards (same as 1939 Goudey); however, this is untrue. There are at least 46 known cards. Cards measure 82 mm wide by 38 mm high and have rounded corners.