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Stromberg carburetor type decoding

The following is a rework of information from Stromberg original documentation, to aid in understanding the meaning of various Stromberg carburetor types. This information should be used on Stromberg carburetors produced AFTER 1934. Models produced prior to 1934 may differ in meaning.

Model identication

The first (and sometimes second) character in the type designates the model designation. Series or models would be A, B, E, OH, SF, UC, W, and 4A. A second letter identical to the first would denote a 2-barrel carburetor (i.e. WW is a 2 barrel series W carburetor).

Letter(s) following model indentification

Letters following the model designation have the following meanings:

B a revision of AAV type (i.e. AAUVB)

D built-in dashpot (i.e BXVD)

E electric controlled dashpot (i.e. BXVES)

M drain system incorporated (i.e. SFM)

O 1/8 inch oversize throttle (i.e. BXOV)

P vacuum actuated accelerator pump (i.e. AAVP)

S kickdown switch incorporated (i.e. AAVS)

U 1/8 inch undersize throttle (i.e. BXUV)

V vacuum controlled power system (i.e. BXV)

X cross flange (i.e. BXOV)

First number following letters denotes physical flange size of carburetor and throttle barrel size

1 S.A.E. size 1 flange with barrel diameter of 1 3/16 inch

2 S.A.E. size 2 flange with barrel diameter of 1 7/16 inch

3 S.A.E. size 3 flange with barrel diameter of 1 11/16 inch

4 S.A.E. size 4 flange with barrel diameter of 1 15/16 inch

5 S.A.E. size 5 flange with barrel diameter of 2 3/16

SF series carburetors do not follow the above convention; also other than standard sizes will be denoted with the O or U in the letter designation as above.

Second number following letters (if present) denotes automatic choke style

5 electrically actuated automatic choke (i.e.BXOV-25)

6 hot air actuated automatic choke (i.e. BXOV-26)

Third number following letters (if present) denotes integral Stromberg started switch

7 Stromberg starter switch (i.e.AAUVB-167)