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Zenith ‘code’ letter meaning in carburetor type nomenclature


The following is (with permission) from a factory Zenith breakdown of this subject:


A – designates a carburetor where the throttle shaft is parallel to the air shutter shaft (with normal air intake).


B – designates a carburetor where the throttle shaft is at right angles to the air shutter shaft (with normal air intake).


BB – same as above but with fly opening opposite of above (B).


C – vacuum pump, NO power jet.


DA – duplex carburetor with on throttle shaft.


DB – duplex carburetor with two parallel throttle shafts.


E – elbow air intake ( for downdraft, horizontal and updraft carburetors, when the angle of the air intake differs from that of the standard of the series)


F – governor connection, opposite side from bowl or on left side.


G – a carburetor using natural gas or a combination of gasoline and natural gas for fuel


GM – special 30 series to General Motors


I – special for International Harvester, Inc.


J – back-suction economizer


L – large bowl ( model 267 carburetors)


LP – liquid petroleum gas carburetor


M2 - marine carburetor with screws, brackets, levers, and shafts in brass.


M3 – marine carburetor with brass bowl and iron barrel


M4 – marine carburetor, all brass


N – special for Novi governors


O – offset throttle shaft (only in case it differs from the standard).


P – pump (14 and 16 models)


R – governor connections, same side as bowl or on right side


S – straight thru for updraft carburetors


T – balanced or sealed bowl vent


U – universal replacement carburetor special flange c.c


V – vacuum operated power jet if the standard of the series has mechanical pump or no pump


W – vacuum pump AND power jet


X – oversize flange and/or bolt location


Y – undersize flange and/or bolt location


The following for letters FOLLOWING the carburetor size:


C – automatic choke


G – gas valve attachment for LPG


R – Facet regulator or governor


RP – Pierce governor


RZ – Mechanovac governor


S – special flange


SD – LP starting device