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Parts for Carter


We have a very large selection of parts (N.O.S., new reproduction, and used) for Carter carburetors up through and including the 1974 model year. While these parts (with some exceptions) are available individually, in all cases a repair kit for the carburetor in question shall be the minimum order. Please inquire via telephone, and have the Carter identification number for the carburetor in question. (573) 392-7378 (8-4 Mon-Wed central time). All parts are filed by the original Carter part number, and we have more than 500,000 DIFFERENT parts for Carter. We are often asked “can I just fax you the gasket (or pump or something else) and you match it up?” Carter made over 4000 different gaskets. Please understand that “parts matching” is impossible, we must have the carburetor number to look up the part.


Auto Choke Units


We have a very large inventory of original and generic Carter integral automatic choke units. We are sold out of divorced chokes.


Strip kits


We have a fair inventory of the older 100 series strip kits for performance. We can generally make kits without the original container from our inventory for those kits which are sold out.


Thermoquad Bowl Kits


We have a few new old stock (NOS) Carter thermoquad bowl kits.


Carter special carburetor tools


While some carburetor special tools may not be needed by thinking outside the box (a drill bit of the proper diameter may often be substituted for a simple float gauge); many others are quite useful, and some are almost mandatory.


Other parts


We have a tremendous inventory of stamped arms, levers; special screws, springs, etc.