The club is active in many things philatelic. Some examples:


This is a picture published in the "Fulton Sun" concerning the club's sponsoring of a program for children:


Children's program


Additionally, the club has designed and produced a number of cachets for various philatelic events.



Chronological Listing of Cachets (for an alphabetic listing, click HERE)



             1969 Churchill Memorial

             1970 McCriede post office last day

             1970 Kingdom City post office

             1971 Sinew of Peace 25th

             1971 MOPanEx

             1971 Churchill Overprint

             1972 Tom Sawyer First Day Issue

             1973 Harry Truman First Day

             1974 Mid-Mo-Pex-'74

             1979 Architecture set of four

             1983 Scott Joplin First Day

             1984 Fulton 125th anniversary

             1985 Callaway Post Office

             1986 Sinews of Peace 40th

             1987 Cote Sans Dessein 180th

             1988 Reform Post Office

             1988 Fulton Post Office 5th

             1988 Fulton Post Office Court Street first day

             1989 Capital View Post Office

             1989 Death of the MKT

             1990 Fall of the Wall

             1991 Rally Round the Flag

             1992 Cold War Station

             1992 Kingdom Days

             1993 Reunion Station

             1994 Fulton-Auxvause last train

             1994 Helen Stephens

             1994 Steedman Post Office 100th

             1995 Court House Medallions

             1995 Battle of Moore's Mill

             1995 National Stamp Collecting Month

             1995 Kingdom Stamp Rally

             1996 Sinews of Peace 50th

             1996 Heros of the Kingdom

             1996 Kingdom Days 1996 (Centennial Olympics)

             1997 Kingdom Days

             1997 Battle of Moore's Mill 1997

             1997 Classic Autos of Days Gone By

             1998 Kingdom Days 1998 (In the Line of Duty)

             1999 Walmart Station

             1999 Kingdom Days last

             2006 Sinews of Peace 60th

             2009 Fulton Missouri 150th

             2011 Kingdom of Callaway

             2017 Solar Elipse

             2018 Cote Sans Dessein 200th Anniversary

             2019 USS Missouri first day

             2020 USS Missouri 10th

             2020 Missouri 200th anniversary

             2020 USS Missouri Japanese WWII

             2020 Callaway County 200th




 Cachets alphabetic listing



 Architecture set of four

 Battle of Moore's Mill

 Battle of Moore's Mill 1997

 Callaway County 200th

 Callaway Post Office

 Capital View Post Office

 Churchill Memorial

 Churchill Overprint

 Classic Autos of Days Gone By

 Cold War Station

 Cote Sans Dessein 180th

 Cote Sans Dessein 200th Anniversary

 Court House Medalions

 Death of the MKT

 Fall of the Wall

 Fulton 125th anniversary

 Fulton Missouri 150th

 Fulton Post Office 5th

 Fulton Post Office Court first day operation

 Fulton-Auxvause last train

 Harry Truman First Day

 Helen Stephens

 Heros of the Kingdom

 Kingdom City post office

 Kingdom Days 1996 (Centennial Olympics)

 Kingdom Days 1998 (In the Line of Duty)

 Kingdom Days

 Kingdom Days last

 Kingdom of Callaway

 Kingdom Stamp Rally

 McCriede post office last day


 Missouri 200th anniversary


 National Stamp Collecting Month

 Rally Round the Flag

 Reform Post Office

 Reunion Station

 Scott Joplin First Day

 Sinew of Peace 25th

 Sinews of Peace 40th

 Sinews of Peace 50th

 Sinews of Peace 60th

 Solar Elipse

 Steedman Post Office 100th

 Tom Sawyer First Day Issue

 USS Missouri 10th

 USS Missouri first day

 USS Missouri Japanese WWII

 Walmart Station