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Older Automobile, Motorcycle and Motor Racing Cards

(Cards generally printed prior to 1988)

Australia  |  Barbados  |  Belgium  |  Canada  |  Channel Isles   |  Czechoslavakia  |  England  |  France    

Germany  |  Ireland  |  Italy  |  Malta  |  Mexico  |  Netherlands  |  New Zealand   |  South Africa 

 Switzerland  |  U.S.A.

Welcome to our site for enthusiasts of older Automobile, Motorcycle, Automobile racing, and Motorcycle racing trading cards. The owner of The Carburetor Shop has been an avid collector of these cards since the mid-1960’s; and has posted this site to help other collectors by attempting to assemble information on the genre in one area, as well as hopefully to sell some cards, and possibly acquire a few for his collection. So this site, in addition to having cards for sale, also will have the availability of checklists by car make, by motorcycle make, and by individual available for purchase. We also have a few newer cards that will be listed for sale. Each listing will ideally have a short description of the set; a picture of a card front; a picture of a card back; and pictures of wrappers, boxes, advertisements, etc.

It was our initial intent to use the set manufacturer as the major index. However, research turned up so many obscure sets that including them on one page with pictures created a time loading issue, especially for those on dial-up. Thus we have broken the site first by country of printing, then by set manufacturer.

We are listing some ancillary items which are not technically cards, but fall into a similar category for the genre. Examples of these would be the Jell-O Coins (plastic), Sunoco Coins (metal), Wheaties License Plates (metal), and Wheaties Auto Emblems (metal).

There is some overlap of categories, an example of this overlap would be the “Spec Sheet” set, which would normally be considered automobile cards, but there are a few auto racing cards in the set. There are many other overlaps. We can also provide racing driver checklists which are probably much more complete than you might find elsewhere. As an example, if a card pictures a racing car, we will research who actually drove the car, and include that information in the checklist.

While this listing is meant as a complete listing, it would be foolhardy to believe that sets have not been missed. We welcome additions, corrections, and etc., which we will post on the site. Additional pictures will be added to the site as time permits. All pictures on this website are originals by the author.